Product Care

FTA Product Care Guide:
Messy Bows, Headbands and Hair Accessories
To avoid breaking, snapping or damaging the inner of your Messy Bow or headband avoid excessive bending or pulling. The inners are generally made from plastic which can easily break or snap under extreme movement or weight.
To keep fabric intact and in good condition try to avoid any weight being placed on the headband. For example if travelling or storing your hair accessories we recommend using a box or container so the accessories don't become squashed. This keeps the fabric from becoming crumpled and wrinkly and prevents plastic inners from breaking or snapping.
Try to avoid leaving your hair accessories in direct sunlight when not using them so that the colour in the fabric remains intact and the plastic inners don't become weakened or distorted.
We recommend spot washing your hair accessories by hand. However you can occasionally wash them in a washing machine under a gentle cycle with low heat. Every washing machine is different so use your own judgement if you think your machine can manage a gentle cycle. We recommend popping your  hair accessories in a fabric neutral cotton bag to avoid damage during the wash cycle. We cannot accept refunds or exchanges if you are unfortunate enough to have a damaged hair accessory from a wash cycle. Air dry your accessories, do NOT tumble dry.
You can use hair straighteners to iron out and neaten up any crumpled or wrinkled areas of your hair accessories. Be super careful and mindful while doing this and treat the fabric with caution in same way you would while using a regular iron.
DO NOT use heat like straightening irons on metallic or plastic printed fabrics! This will destroy the metallic or plastic print on the fabric.
FTA Repairs Service:
We offer a repair service to FTA original hair accessories that have become subject to damage. Our abilities to fix or repair a damaged FTA hair accessory is dependent on the level and type of damage.
We ask you email us first with photos and a description of the affected hair accessory by emailing us at
We charge £10 for repairs and postage is payable by the customer for sending and receiving your item back.
Our repairs turn around is 30 days from the day your item arrives with us.