FTA Curly Band: How To

A healthy, heatless, fun and comfortable way to achieve curly and wavey hair as well as a band to comfortably keep your hair out of your face while you do your skin care and make up routine. Can also be used as a general headband accessory.

Designed and created by Marcia (FTA founder and owner) over the last 15 years. All Curly Bands are handmade here at FTA using carefully selected fabrics and made using our own hair curling design.
How to use: (Please watch our tutorial video below)
Step one: Brush and dampen the hair. Do not soak the hair. Mist or dampen the hair so it can dry in the band. Add a serum, hair treatment or oil if you wish.
Step two: place the band horizontally around your head just above your eyebrows (think 60's woodstock headband)
Step three: starting from the front working towards the back, do one side first and then the other side, take the first section of hair at the front, and wrap/loop it over the band, with that same section add another section of hair and wrap/loop over the band. Repeat this process until you have reached the centre of the back of your head. Now repeat this process on the other side, working once again from front to back. For waves use larger sections and wrap loosely and for tight curls or ringlets use smaller sections and wrap tightly.
Step four: using bobby pins secure the final wrapped sections at the back and any areas where hair is shorter and straying out of the band. This process is particularly important if you are sleeping in your Curly Band or doing anything active while wearing the Curly Band.
Step five: Leave the Curly Band in for a minimum of 2 hours. The longer you leave the band in the longer your waves and curls will last.
Step six: remove the bobby pins and gently unwrap your hair from the band starting back to front, one side at a time. You can now brush and style your hair as you please.
Enjoy your heat free curls!